Chef Murph's American Kitchen

Dear Future Sponsor, 
​ I’d like to introduce you to my latest project called“Murph’s American Kitchen” with Chef Murph. Focusing on sustainable food concepts incorporating local ingredients, culture and modern cooking techniques, all with a sense of love and humor about our food.  Now on Foody!! “Murph’s American Kitchen” demonstrates how the foods we eat reflect the diversity of cultures in America; we all share a common table. For example, a meatball can be: Swedish, Italian, Asian, Spanish or Indian,depending on how it is seasoned and served. I also want to help people learn the importance of properly preparing food through cleaning and checking temperature. I strongly believe, “good food makes for better decisions.” 
Finally, I hope to inspire people to consider the best food choices for their money and how to make good food, not just from the garden,showing, how food can be used to help redevelop ourselves, families, and communities. I volunteer, setting an example, cooking and helping regularly at St. Paul’s Church, Cathedral Kitchen in Camden, NJ, Kids Alley for children making lunches and teaching about nutrients and other community events, (Touch a Truck) Ronald McDonald House. Recently while on the road, I cooked at the Buffalo City Mission in Buffalo, NY.“Murph’s American Table” will show the diversity of cultures that have helped to make America great!
Hexane Productions will start mid-April 2015 shooting film, editing, and delivering 13 episodes to the newest network for cooking shows, FoodyTV and also the Public Broadcasting Distribution house. include Access, America one, USA network, Create, Dr. Channel, Ion, and the walk. All upload the shows for airing across the United States including various additional TV, cable and internet networks including the Food Network. I believe this could be an ideal integrated market and sponsorship opportunity for your brand. That’s not all…Check the Demographics page.
Please feel free to view our trailer and press kit package at:   My contact number is 856.668.6448, email [email protected] for packet, questions or comments. We look forward to helping you bring more exposure to your brand.

Thank you in advance 
 K.T. Murphy
Keith Murphy
​ Chef /Creative Director

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